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MMBN3D - Trailer 1!


Hey everyone, update from Team MMBN3D here! It’s the first reveal of footage of MMBN3D! Please enjoy!

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work and will continue to do so until the release of the game around summer 2014. You’ll be able to collect chips, build your folder and take on a variety of enemies and challenges. 

Follow us on twitter too! http://twitter.com/mmbn3d

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It’s true! Check out the new page here and say hello to Nargyle, KB’s new penciller!

Kinda miss Cube’s style already, but hey, KB’s back! :D


It’s true! Check out the new page here and say hello to Nargyle, KB’s new penciller!

Kinda miss Cube’s style already, but hey, KB’s back! :D

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Black Market (密売所)

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Scary coincidence or…

Called home from the bus to let my parents know I was getting home earlier than expected..

The connection suddenly cut off as the bus entered a tunnel.

I thought it was odd, since my connectivity icon showed my connection still had maxed bars.

Anyway, out of the tunnel, I call back and we finish the conversation. I hang up, and notice I called for exactly 4 minutes and 13 seconds.

Insert Homestuck reference here, amirite.

..but my eye falls on the conversation log.. And.. The first call lasted 6 minutes and 12 seconds.

And.. honestly.. I just stared at it and then wiped my log. Exaggerated reaction, maybe, but two times right after each other being Homestuck references?!

Yeah.. No.

Hate it when people diminish experiences of others.

I mean, really? Whether it’s a positive or negative experience, what gives you the goddamn right to diminish it?


askspeedy replied to your post:“I don’t like the start screen on windows 8”:
The Metro screen IS a piece of unaccommodating shit, though. There isn’t even a button to get to the full apps list. How are normal users going to guess you have to right click to make it pop up? Hell, how would they figure out how to QUIT WINDOWS?


How was I supposed to know right clicking brings up the shell menu to check properties on the desktop! Nobody told me that! 

What desktop? When it booted up, it booted straight to the Metro Screen and there was no option to go there. Hell, if I didn’t know about Winkey+D in advance, it might’ve taken me ages to find it.

Cause, GASP, the APPS LIST DOESNT APPEAR IN THE METRO SCREEN unless you right click. How completely intuitive to have an option, formerly hidden in the Start Menu behind a normal button called ‘All Programs’, suddenly be part of an option list that ONLY appears when you right click in the Metro Screen. REALLY. A+ design.

As for the power option


Funfact! It didn’t. Admittedly, that may’ve been the whole ‘pre-installed OS’ deal, since it’s a laptop.. but a message that appears ONCE? Yeah, super helpful, bro.

Oh hey, look, there’s “Settings” I bet NOBODY Is going to want to set some settings on their first boot-up though, so I can understand you missing the “power”

Another funfact! My mom’s had her Win 8 laptop for almost a year now.. and she’s still not been in the options. Never mind that EVEN ON HER LAPTOP, the whole ‘swipe’ message NEVER appeared.

She practically begged me to get rid of the Metro Screen, since it’s obnoxious and hard to figure out. A++ user interface!

Nearly all the negativity I hear about windows 8 is because of that start menu and it all sounds like I DON’T LIKE BIG CHANGES EVERYTHING STAY THE SAME OR ONLY CHANGE IN LITTLE BITS OVER A LONG TIME.

The Metro Screen is Microsoft’s biggest fuck up since Windows Millennium Edition. I’ve dealt with all sorts of shit.

If you’re going to diminish people’s problems just because ‘I can work fine with Win 8 and you just need to get used to the Metro Screen’, well, then sincerely, fuck you. FUCK. YOU.

You have to remember there are people out there that have honestly no idea how to get around this and are only now getting introduced to Windows 8 due to the whole XP getting no longer supported. You REALLY think this is user friendly?

You need to remember that NOT EVERY COMPUTER USER is an IT-specialist, or even a youthful person that can find their way. There are older people too, who’ve been using other Windows their entire lives and now suddenly have no fucking clue what to do.

But all I see you say is ‘hahaha I can laugh at other people cause they’re having trouble with something SO EASY’. Well, congratulations, you’re a douchebag.

Try to actually think about how other people feel next time. If you really fucking think this entire thing is just ME wailing on how bad Win 8, guess a-fucking-gain. I’ve already sorted my way through, the Metro Screen is pretty much useless on my device now, with no easy way to even get there. I KNOW HOW TO FIND MY WAY. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a piece of shit operating system.

Reminiscing is a pretty stupid thing to do.. at 3 AM.

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ArtistIppo Yamada, Yu Shimoda & various other composers
TitleWe're the Robots (Wily Stage 2)
AlbumMega Man 9
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Megaman 7 - Shade Man Stage - Horror Fortress

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TitleShade Man Stage - Horror Fortress
AlbumRockman 7 - Shukumei no Taiketsu! / Mega Man 7


this video is so well done it deserves an oscar

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cmyk dots
inspired by this Bees & Bombs remix by Gordon Bryant
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TitleEbony Wings
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After spending an entire day removing apps and installing normal desktop shit..

Windows 8 has become.. tolerable. The only apps left on this thing are ‘Store’ and ‘PC configuration’. ;D

There’s very little I have to use the actual Metro interface for.




ugh jojo fans are such posers

jojo fans shouldn’t take that, they should take a stand

they need to take this post and put a positive spin on it

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The Metroid series is known for some of its gorgeous ambient tracks, and Prime in particular brought a special alien quality to its music. Perhaps the most beloved piece from Metroid Prime is Phendrana Drifts, a serene yet unsettling piano-driven work perfectly fitting the frozen landscape.

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ArtistNintendo, Retro
TitlePhendrana Drifts
AlbumMetroid Prime